Zen Cafe provides a soothing counterpoint

to the stresses of urban living.

Perched within yet curiously beyond the city fray, our cafés offer—within serene, minimalist environs—meticulously crafted cappuccinos, filter-brewed specialty coffee micro-roasted in-shop, health smoothies & fresh cold-pressed juices,

and salads prepared from local farms—including our own kitchen garden, artisan bread, deftly rolled sushi and a delectable array of comfort fare from around the world—prepared in house, fresh upon order. Take a moment to sip, savour, slow down.


A Simple, "One-World" Menu

for an evolved, global taste

Zen Cafe uses only the freshest ingredients and prepares everything in-house, daily & upon order.


Relax . Focus . Meet

Stimulating Conversation. Beyond Boundaries

Drawing inspiration from a rich heritage of cafe culture around the world, our spaces are crafted to serve as platforms for creative exchange and sharing ideas focused on facilitating progress at a social as well as individual level. This vision is approached through the orchestration of various, constantly evolving services, innovative practices and products.


Co[working] Without

the drab, clinical cubicle "colonies" or over-energized, privacy-starved open office format of "basic colour wheel" workspaces. In fact, some of the world's leading examples of co-working spaces are gravitating towards a comfortable middle ground of cafe-like spaces. Ours was built keeping today's mobile nature of work in mind.


your ideas to your team over lunch before it's time to present to Corporate. Sink in to one of our plush couches and order what, and as, you please. We'll take of the rest.


business strategy with a partner. Bounce ideas off a colleague. We offer an array of seating arrangements conducive to focussed, work-related dialogue.


your idea with clarity over coffee. Email a client or get coding on that app you've been tinkering on. You're covered with free WiFi and plenty of plug-points (select locations). New-gen cafe's are serving as important launch pads of innovation.

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